we want to revamp the way you camp!

reCAMPed™ brings you a whole new way to enjoy being closer to nature; we like to call it “Glamping on the Go!” All the comfort and convenience that never came with regular camping, now gets delivered straight to you!

Meet Leanne and Tara, a.k.a. the Giddy Glampers!

With Leanne's ridiculous creativity and Tara's go-get-em personality, there's no stopping these two!


Leanne Tucker

Creative Director by day, Dreamer by night! Leanne has 19 years experience in the creative and marketing world and a lifetime of dreaming big. With an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to make the mundane interesting, Leanne thought up reCAMPed after moving back to Tennessee after living across the country (mostly California for 12 years). Moving to Nashville made Leanne realize that nature is something she hadn't spent enough time in and then an epiphany occurred - why didn't she enjoy camping or hiking like so many of her TN friends? Hello! Because it wasn't creative or comfortable enough for her. Why were all the clothes and gear so drab she thought? How could she turn something she wasn't crazy about into something she loved? And then the spark became a real eye-opener for her.


Tara Perry Ross

And then came Tara... 
Super Mom, wife and full-time healthcare employee, Tara Ross, is no ordinary, conventional girl. Heck no! Tara is amazing in too many ways to describe. She's a firecracker with a heart of gold and she is the sole reason we've made it this far because she named reCAMPed! Leanne struggled to name her new passion project and when she brought Tara into the fold it became apparent that Tara had a LOT to offer. And Tara was also ready for a re-start and return to her passion - working with people!  Not only does she bring her own creativity and style but Tara breathes life into everything she touches. Tara's main focus is Public Relations and new business deals but don't let her sweet demeanor fool you. She's a feisty one! 


We’re on TV, Y’all!

This is the video we made that got us on the show “Elevator Pitch.”

This is a quick clip of us making our big Pitch to the investors!